Columbus First United Methodist Church
Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Come grow with us!


Loren & Mary Beckler

Drew & Ann Behn

Betty Benson

David & Shirley Bohaboj

Darrell & Carol Burrows

Gay Chinn

Gina Czapla

David & Ann Dales

Pam Folsom

Josh Fricke

Josh & Chelsea Hamilton

Nancy Hansen

Sheila Hoadley

Linda Johnson

Bruce & Barb Long

Jim & Betty Osborn

Dean & Julie Pearsoll

Norma Rodriguez

David & Lisa Schacher

Bruce & Connie Schneider

Andrew & Jamie Scott

Brooke & Jerry Seams

Ardean Stone

Gordon & Lennice Vanek

Scott & Suzy Zwick





Sam Avila

Cynthia Avila-Boswell

Brandon Bottorff

Craig & Carol Bradshaw

Tom & Sue Burton

Duane & Dee Chohon

Dean & Sarah Davidchik

Lureta Dierberger

Harry & Vicki Dilfer

Robert & Susanne Discoe

Rod & Rana Favors

Brandon & Michelle Figge

Barb Gay

Darin & Geri Glenn

Sandy Griffiths

Tom & Dacia Kent

Justin & Chris King

Denise Kracl

Glenn & Arlene Loseke

Bruce Mueller

Michelle Mueller

Sharyn Mueller

Donna Pearson

Shana Perdew

Pat & Jackie Pope

Marie Porter

Dave Rinehart

Arlee Schaefer

Heather Sky

Rich & Jamie Snyder

Lisa Weber


Partners in Faith Duties
Greeter ~
1.      Greet people, and assist when needed with the doors. Typically, one stands at the west doors by the parking lot and one in the gathering area. Don’t forget about the balcony, they need friendly smiles and warm greetings as well.
Usher ~
1.  Usher General duties:
  • Ushers arrive 20 early
  • Wear name tags or identification as an usher
  • One by each outside aisle and two at entrance to center aisle
  • Assist people to find seating in the pews
  • Light Candles 10 minutes before service starts. (Saturday 6pm, & Sunday 8am)
  • Close doors during first Hymn.
  • Sit in the pews in the back of the sanctuary during the service
  • Open east door prior to children’s time
  • Insure children get safely from and back to the balcony
  • Take head count.  Remember to count persons in the balcony and any children in the nursery.  First usher listed on bulletin takes head count. The numbers go on the colored attendance slip and are turned in to the office after service.
  • Open doors during last hymn.
  • During last hymn ushers move to front of sanctuary in side aisle.  After people are dismissed pick up trash and return hymnals and bibles to the correct position.  Place attendance records nest to aisle.  Late service ushers will remove attendance slips after the late service.
  • If you are unable to be at a service to usher, find your own replacement and report the replacements name to the office by Wednesday PM.
2.  Usher Offering Duties:
  • 5 plates- 4 for sanctuary and 1 for balcony
  • To collect offering – one usher in each outside aisle and two in center aisle
  • Start at the front and work to the back.
  • Remember to collect from the balcony
  • 2 ushers carry plates forward during doxology.  Hand the plates to the minister and after the prayer return to the back of the sanctuary.
3.  Usher Communion Duties:
  • Two ushers place offering plates on small wooden pedestals prior to communion
  • Two ushers direct people up the center aisle when communion is served.
  • Watch for parishioners unable to come forward and inform the minister or communion helpers.
  • Ushers take communion after all parishioners have been served.
Communion Server ~
  1.  Will meet in Chapel Parlor before doxology. Follow ushers carrying the Offering.
  2. Stand to the left of the altar. Take directions from Pastors.
Lector ~
1.      You will be reading the bible passage for the service. Some may be a Gospel, some may be a Scripture.
2.      Follow the instructions on the paper you are reading from.
Fellowship Time ~
1.      Please arrive early to set out snacks, and glasses. You may need to make lemonade, coffee, and fill water pitchers.
2.      Serve the coffee as people arrive, they do like it hot.
3.      Clean up the snacks, wide down the counters, and clean the cups.
4.      Take the donations up to the office. If the office is locked, keep the donations until after service and turn in at the office.

                          LOCATIONS & SERVICE TIMES
Downtown  2710 14th Street, Columbus, Nebraska  402-564-8463
     Sunday: 8:00 & 10:30 a.m.
     Sunday School: 9:00 a.m.  Fellowship Time: 10:00 - 10:30 a.m.
     Nursery available 9:00 - 11:30 a.m.
     Transportation available for Sunday 10:30 service. Call the church by Friday to schedule
Outreach Center  3602 16th Street, Columbus, Nebraska  402-564-8362
     Saturday Evening Service: 6:00 p.m.
     "Ignite On Sunday Night" Alternative Praise Gathering
      Casual Praise Worship: 6:00 p.m. followed by refreshments and fellowship
Office Hours:  Monday thru Friday  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.